Paid Tha Cost To Be A Fan: Snoop Dogg’s Late-Night Gig

When Snoop Dogg wrapped up his smooth, electrifying set around 12:15 on Sunday night, I booked it for my car – and realized that my legs weren’t working so well. As I stumbled down the Town Ballroom’s tiny staircase on my way out, my ears ringing from the slithering funk beats of classic Snoop, I was torn by mixed feelings. On the one hand, I had just seen a hip-hop legend absolutely tear up the stage of an intimate venue. On the other, I had to stand around for four hours before it happened, during which a screening of Snoop’s straight-to-DVD turd of a superhero movie insulted my intelligence, and opening act The Constellations assaulted my ears with their half-baked acid rock. But as my review will reveal, the glass was definitely half full on this night. And it’s all due to Snoop’s still-top-notch vocal abilities.

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