That “Walking In Memphis” Guy

My review of last night’s Marc Cohn concert can be seen in today’s paper, or right here. While the guy’s style is way too squeaky clean for my taste, he has an awfully rich voice, and his humble, intimate set was a pleasant thing. The opener, Kristina Train, showcased a voice of a special caliber – most of my thoughts on her set were cut for space reasons, so I’ll paste ’em here: “Cohn was preceded by the singer/songwriter/fiddle player Kristina Train, whose smart, soulful performance grabbed the crowd’s attention from note one. As the Savannah, Georgia, native delivered tunes off her debut record “Spilt Milk,” her honest, bluesy voice filled the room, sounding like Feist if she had a little Gladys Knight in her diet. And while the originals were good, Train’s rendition of Carolyn Franklin’s “If You Want Me” was the high point – a playful burst of genuine R&B.”

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