Catching Up with Stephen King


I read very little Stephen King growing up, partly because Douglas Adams was more my kind of thing, and partly because my brother read King and we took care not to infringe on each other’s pop culture obsessions for some weird reason (e.g. I loved Metallica, he loved Megadeth, and never the twain shall meet). But when I moved to King’s home state of Maine, I had the frightfully clichéd idea that now was the time for me to catch up on all the stories I’d heard so much about and/or seen in movie form. Here’s what I’ve read, reviewed and ranked so far. Only hundreds of books to go!

1. Pet Sematary

2. Misery

3. Carrie

4. The Shining

5. The Talisman

6. Nightmares & Dreamscapes

7. 11/22/63

8. On Writing

9. The Stand

10. The Gunslinger

11. Bag of Bones

If there’s something you’d like me to cover next, feel free to comment below. At the very least it would allay my greatest fear – that nobody is reading. Well, I guess that’s not quite as scary as being trapped in a car by a rabid German shepherd. Or having to watch the Pierce Brosnan-starring TV movie adaptation of Bag of Bones. Whatever. You know what I mean. Jeez.