1600px-Joseph_Sweeney_in__12_Angry_Men__(1957_film).jpgJoe Sweeney is not much to look at, not to mention smell at. He fancies himself a writer, and for some reason, publications like The Guardian, Mainer, The Quietus, PopMatters, The Buffalo News, Slant Magazine and The Portland Press-Herald have actually printed words that he wrote, which were usually about music, but sometimes weren’t about music.

You can check out the portfolio he’s built up after 17 years in advertising here.

Joe lives in Maine with his wife and three children, two of whom he still loves.


  1. Joe Sweeney has a remarkable ear for music. I loved “A Dog for Christmas” and I think it was the best movie not starring Ernest Borgnine that I have ever seen. It’s right up there with “Cats-a-blanca”!!!


  2. Joe Sweeney is the most brilliant mind to approach the ancient art of combining sentences since Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, and Dr. Phil. I’d bet my bottom dollar that this man will never steer us wrong with a review, and I’d bet your bippy that you will agree! Long live Sweensryche!


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