Bucky = Sucky

bucky-covington-closeup-9_3Mom and dad,

I reviewed an acoustic country showcase a few weeks ago, featuring American Idol alum Bucky Covington and fellow up-and-comers Justin Moore and Chris Young. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post – I was too busy forgetting mom’s birthday.

Young was very impressive, with a strong voice, compelling songs and an excellent lead guitarist in tow; Moore was fearless and flag-waving, showcasing some great pipes and one tune that bordered on hate-mongering; Covington was a pathetic joke.

The other two guys exemplified what’s great about the country music mystique – hard-working, salt-of-the-earth dudes with sensitive sides the size of Wyoming. Especially in this context, Bucky’s pop ballads just sounded silly; the final version of my review describes his hit “I’ll Walk” as “saccharine,” but my original draft described it as a “saccharine turd,” which is closer to the mark.


  1. Sooooo, did you like Bucky’s new song and video or not???? Bucky = Sucky….I hear your mom calling…it’s time to go to school!!!!


    1. If only they would, K. Ever since they kicked me out five years ago, my life’s been a messy mess! The last time I talked to my dad, I told him that life away from home was hell, and he said “Just wait until you die, Buster Brown. Then you’ll really know what hell is.” Whatever that means!

      Then he said that I killed all of our childhood pets and kept their livers in jam jars under my bed. That every time he walks past my room he has phantom smells of rotten dog liver, and that it still makes him puke sometimes. Whatever that means! 🙂

      After that I tried to change the subject (awkward!), and asked him what he thought about Bucky Covington. “Oh lord,” he groaned. “That guy stinks even worse than those livers you collected. I mean, you’re a sick monster and no son of mine, but I’ll take you over that insipid pud every day of the week!”

      That’s my papa!


  2. I’ve heard Bucky’s version of his new song GOTTA BE SOMEBODY and it’s really great! It suits his voice very well. Good job Bucky!


  3. You call yourself a writer??? Have you had any training in the field?? Sounds like you are just an idiotic person who is just a good waste of human skin….you sound like you’re about 14 … Bucky is a fine human being with an awesome voice, I don’t know what you heard, but you must have had earplugs in, with a review like that! I like the other 2 guys just fine, I just wish Justin didn’t sing through his nose so badly, but he still looks good. And so does Chris Young, but I think Bucky is better looking than any of them. Stop all your Bucky hating! I love Bucky’s new song “Gotta Be Somebody”!!


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