Hi, mom and dad.

You’ll be the only people reading this, my blog in which I write about music and nonsense. Why create a blog at all, you say? That’s a great question.

My maiden posts will run through my picks for the top 100 albums of the 2000s, something you could really care less about. But you have to read them, don’t you? Because you’re my goddamn parents, and you don’t have a choice. So start reading, and be prepared to talk about it, you selfish old bags.


  1. For the thousandth time, I am NOT your goddam mother, kid. Yeah, yeah, so I was pregnant for nine months and breast fed you for a while. BIG DEAL. Do a(nother) DNA test, punk–there is zero evidence there.

    In other news, loving the blog. Loving the list so far. Not as big a mash-up hater as you, but that’s minor. Fingers crossed that Make It Beautiful is #1.


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